About Me:
    My family and I moved to Washington state several years ago. Its breathtaking beauty impressed me right away: in particular the variety of wood species, from the light structure of the maple to the pinkish color of the cherry to the dark shade of black walnut.

    When I work with wood, I always want to emphasize its pristine beauty. Wood is an amazing, unique material created by nature itself. During its lifetime, the tree accumulates colossal energy, which is, then transformed into products. This energy helps those who work with wood to see in the tree what others may not notice. It is an inexplicable feeling to be able to turn several pieces of wood into a beautiful piece of art.
    As a ten-year-old boy, I often helped clean up my grandfather’s workshop after a long day of work. The smell of fresh wood, the drifts of curly shavings under the woodworking machines, and my always-smiling grandfather’s glance have remained in my mind for a lifetime.

    As soon as I had the opportunity, I did not hesitate for a minute to set up my own workshop. To get started, I needed to acquire some tools and mechanisms for my style of woodworking. Now, when I spend my days in the studio and see the results of my work bring joy to my family, friends, and acquaintances, I am happy.

    My friends think I am working, but in reality, I just enjoy what I do. I pay great attention and care to each of my products so that people can enjoy them for years to come! I hope my products will bring no less satisfaction to their future owners. This is an amazing feeling.